UNBOXED DISTRIBUTION is a Proudly South African company with a core focus of supplying quality, cost effective local products required on a daily basis by businesses. With a comprehensive range from cleaning and stationery to hardware and tech, we can supply it all

What We Specialise In

Office Supplies

  • Stationery:

    Desk organizers, files and folders, staplers and punches, pens, adhesive, boards, calculators, pencil cases. 

  • Office Furniture:

    Desks, office chairs, boardroom tables, carpets.

  • School Supplies:

    lunchboxes and bottles, files and folders, pencil cases, pens and pencils, boards, staplers and punches, exam pads etc.

  • Office Cleaning Supplies:

    vacuum cleaners and hoovers, toilet supplies, mops and brooms, detergents, polishes, sanitizer and more!

  • Décor:

    wall art and clocks, artificial plants, shelving and display shelving, ceramics, curtains and blinds, window frosting, couches and décor chairs etc.


  • Kitchen Appliances:

         toasters, blenders and stick blenders, juicers, kettles, microwaves, air fryers and much more!

  • Cleaning Appliances:

         Hoovers and hoover bags, vacuums and hand/portable vacuums

  • Air coolers and heaters:

         Air conditioners and purifiers, fans, heaters

  • Water purifications:

         Filter jugs and tap filters, ice makers, soda machines, water machines, inline filter system


  • Hand tools:

         Screwdrivers, spanners, sockets, wrenches, allen and hex keys, ratchets, saws, hammers and mallets and everything else you need!

  • Power tools:

        Saws, drills, sanders, grinders, engravers and much more!

  • Mechanic tools:

        Drive socket set and socket extension, spanners, hex sockets, ratchets etc.

  • Electric tools:

        Screwdrivers and screwdriver sets, crimpers, fish tapes and more! 

Protective Wear

  • Protective Hard Boots
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Dust Masks
  • Coats and overalls


  • Plumbing Supplies:

         Bathroom and kitchen fixtures, copper fittings, galvanized fittings, PVC pipes, sinks and basins and many more!

  • Electrical Supplies:

         Lighting, sockets, plugs, fixtures, cables, consumables and more.

  • Fasteners:

        Screws, bolts, pop rivot, nuts and bolts, ropes, chains, adhesives, tapes etc.


  • Computers and Laptops:

         Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Mecer, LG, Dell, Asus etc.

  • Printers and Cartridges:

         3D Printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, specialty printing paper, printing cartridges

  • Audio:

        Speakers, earphones and wireless earphones, headphones, car audio, sound bars and more!

  • TV and Screens:

         Monitors, projectors, television accessories, televisions, decoders etc.

Some Of The Brands We Work With