UNBOXED DISTRIBUTION is a Proudly South African company with a core focus of supplying quality, cost effective local products required on a daily basis by Businesses across SA. With a comprehensive range from cleaning and stationery to hardware and tech, with access to all leading brands at competitive prices we can ensure whatever your requirement may be, we can assist.

Based within Sandton, we are able to distribute nationwide through our trusted Courier provider, and we can ensure professional and punctual deliveries no matter how urgent the order.

Please click on the LINK for access to our Pricelist (Please note that if there is anything that is not on our list, we will be able to source it for you)

What We Specialise In

Office Supplies

  • Stationery:

    Desk organizers, files and folders, staplers and punches, pens, adhesive, boards, calculators, pencil cases.

  • Office Furniture:

    Desks, office chairs, boardroom tables, carpets.

  • School Supplies:

    lunchboxes and bottles, files and folders, pencil cases, pens and pencils, boards, staplers and punches, exam pads etc.

  • Office Cleaning Supplies:

    vacuum cleaners and hoovers, toilet supplies, mops and brooms, detergents, polishes, sanitizer and more!

  • Décor:

    wall art and clocks, artificial plants, shelving and display shelving, ceramics, curtains and blinds, window frosting, couches and décor chairs etc.


  • Kitchen Appliances:

toasters, blenders and stick blenders, juicers, kettles, microwaves, air fryers and much more!

  • Cleaning Appliances:

Hoovers and hoover bags, vacuums and hand/portable vacuums

  • Air coolers and heaters:

Air conditioners and purifiers, fans, heaters

  • Water purifications:

         Filter jugs and tap filters, ice makers, soda machines, water machines, inline filter system


  • Hand tools:

Screwdrivers, spanners, sockets, wrenches, allen and hex keys, ratchets, saws, hammers and mallets and everything else you need!

  • Power tools:

Saws, drills, sanders, grinders, engravers and much more!

  • Mechanic tools:

Drive socket set and socket extension, spanners, hex sockets, ratchets etc.

  • Electric tools:

Screwdrivers and screwdriver sets, crimpers, fish tapes and more!

Protective Wear

  • Protective Hard Boots
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Dust Masks
  • Coats and overalls


  • Plumbing Supplies:

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures, copper fittings, galvanized fittings, PVC pipes, sinks and basins and many more!

  • Electrical Supplies:

Lighting, sockets, plugs, fixtures, cables, consumables and more.

  • Fasteners:

Screws, bolts, pop rivot, nuts and bolts, ropes, chains, adhesives, tapes etc.


  • Computers and Laptops:

Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Mecer, LG, Dell, Asus etc.

  • Printers and Cartridges:

3D Printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, specialty printing paper, printing cartridges

  • Audio:

Speakers, earphones and wireless earphones, headphones, car audio, sound bars and more!

  • TV and Screens:

Monitors, projectors, television accessories, televisions, decoders etc.

Some Of The Brands We Work With