Welcome to Unboxed
Construction and Signs

Welcome to Unboxed

UNBOXED Construction and Signs specialize in small to medium size construction and signage projects.  We are based in Sandton, and work primarily in Gauteng and its surrounding areas. However, we also engage in national installations.

At UNBOXED we strive to give your business the best service possible through solid skills sets and accurate communication.  We focus on meeting deadlines, delivering superior quality, value for money and after sales service. We don’t just focus on the now, but rather establishing working relations to last. At UNBOXED we don’t just think out the box, but we live outside the box whenever the opportunity allows, to deliver superior, creative solutions. At UNBOXED we believe that  r/e > 1 (reality over expectation should always be greater than one!).

UNBOXED was established through absorbing key staff and their skills, from KCB Signs and KCB Projects, merging these talents into a new entity providing a one stop shop driven by perfectionism.